🦓 Zebra Ears Headband 🦓

Zebra style Headband & tail 🛍️

for Funny Parties above all!!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Animal Costumes Hats, belive me, This Outfit is a Fantastic Costume for a Safari or African Themed Costume Event, Wear Your Black and White Stripes with Pride! for adults and kids!

🦓 Zebra cute Headband 🦓

Your friends say you’re bored? Would you like to have something that catches your eye? 👀 Here we have the best zebra ears, beautiful hahaha, striking, hairy, comfortable and bizarre. ideal to have fun with your friends in meetings, or for Halloween, come out with some ears and zebra tails, who knows? able you go for a night club with your striking ears and zebra tail costumes combined with a sexy dress 👗 of zebra pattern… don’t be like the rest, don’t buy a common and repeated costume, be original dare to #beZebra if you want to have a unique, sexy and eye-catching costume to be the true center of attention at parties nothing like combining them with ears and zebra tail to achieve it!

Don’t be afraid, dare!