🦓 Zebra Wood 🕶️

Zebrawood ⚒️ Accessories⌚ & Home Decor 🪑

Hey, you! are you looking for zebrawood accessories? 💗 WE have the best collection, Watches ⌚, Ring 💍, Sunglasses frames 🕶️, Home-Deco 🛋️, and more… with Natural Wood Material.
The zebrawood heartwood is a light brown or cream color with dark blackish brown streaks vaguely resembling a zebra’s stripes.

Wooden Zebra

Ok you are here, you are a zebrano lover or objects made of wood with stripes in the right place, come and see, here you will see a series of products of all kinds whose main feature is that it has a beautiful finish, zebra wood Lightweight offers a comfortable, durable and resilient fit, at the same time, from the sunglasses, knife, guitar, ukulele, wooden clocks, canes, rings and more.

If you are a lover of nature or wood, these products are for you, highlight your fashion style with wooden lenses or a zebrano clock, highlight your Geek style.