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To each sport, your sunglasses, and your lenses. To have your eyes protected and standing out with an unstoppable style, walk down the street with your frames of zebra stripes without fear! Find the best Glasses frames Zebra that suits you, plastic, metal, wood Zebra Glasses frame, beautiful items, ▷ Your style is you! ✓

🦓 Zebraprint Lens Frames 🕶️

Here at Zebra Print you will find the best Sunglasses glasses inspired by zebra stripe patterns or frames with wooden strips, the polarized zebra print glasses that are trend. The current design and sustainable concept are the keys to success. SEE THE FASHION and look better than ever with these beautiful wooden sunglasses. Wooden sunglasses have been trending for some time, but the darker natural zebra wood is by far the most popular style at this time. Each pair has its own unique wood grain and everyone loves darker natural wood. You’ll see yourself better than ever and everyone will tell you how cool your wooden sunglasses are.

SUNGLASSES SHOULD COMPLEMENT YOUR STYLE – We believe that if you are a lover of outdoor life, have a busy job, or maybe both, your sunglasses should protect your eyes and complement your style at the same time, whatever happens. You can count on polarized sunglasses to do that exactly.

Polycarbonate lenses with UV 400 polarized filter are the perfect combination of protection and resistance. Chosen specifically for their flexibility and weight, they are the perfect companion for our frames. Turning sunglasses with zebra print in the lightest on the market and a great solution to drive, play sports or go to the beach.